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Dyno Tuning


With the latest software from sports device we guarantee the most accurate dyno results .


If you have a vehicle that’s all ready tuned we offer power runs so you can check your gains from a previous remap , we are able to then tweak your remap if you wish us to do so .

3 runs on the dyno is just £45.

Dyno before and after runs are not a ( HAVE TO ) for a good remap as we are the file writer meaning that even off the dyno we write the custom file , how ever this will give you the optimum result.

We do not offer Dyno runs for automatic vehicles that are not able to maintain a certain gear during the run.

Sonic tune ecu remapping offer Dyno tuning for vehicles up too 1000 Bhp.

Our dyno is a 2 wheel drive braked dyno for accurate measurements of not just power but data acquisition too. This means that we are able to data log your vehicle to even farther offer a bespoke remap that is set up perfectly for your individual vehicle .

Tuning on the dyno will give the edge for your performance remap and will give you a before and after dyno print out to show the gains made for your vehicle .

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