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DPF Solutions


The dreaded dpf failure! One of the most costly parts to fail on your vehicle is the Dpf, this can cause unwanted engine lights, stinky smoking for the exhaust, and in some cases limp mode, meaning your vehicle can no longer function at maximum power. We can delete your dpf, on compatible vehicles. The Dpf delete itself is not the cheapest service, as to get a successful delete, we would need to (gut) the dpf itself involving removing the dpf from the vehicle, gutting the dpf, resetting your soot/ash levels and then deleting the dpf entirely from the vehicles ecu. 

Typically this service would cost between £ 300 -£450, however this is in most cases several hundreds of pounds cheaper than a genuine dpf replacement which can cost between £1000 and up to £3000! 

We can offer interest free payments on dpf services so at an approximate cost of £350 to resolve your dpf issue spread over 4 months it is no longer and expensive option to fix a dpf.

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